Wave & Trap all flow together into a duo named baskets. Baskets has played in many venues in the PNW EDM scene and has provided support for many artists like Kaivon, Um.., Vincent, Wuki, Eliminate, Megalodon, Whales,  Kill the Noise and Deadcrow. 
Recently, baskets has worked with artists Dani King, Peytn, and Ivoryghost (supported by Sable Valley). They have been featured in Electric Hawk, thissongissick, and thissongslaps.

Electric Hawk Premiere

Featured in thissongissick.com 

Has played on C89.5 The Bassment multiple times with losing you. having on-air play.

Featured on thissongslaps.com weekly talent rising.

Featured in Electric Hawk Fresh Hunts.

Featured in Brownies and Lemonade Playlist.

Played Bass Canyon 2021 & 2022.Has went b2b with Yookie (twice) & Vampa.